synonyms / синонимы

Для написания любого сочинения (эссе) необходимо владеть (знать) синонимы. Синонимы – это замещение одного слова (словосочетания) на другое, имеющее тот же смысл. Синонимы (synonyms) в английском языке используются для того, чтобы сделать речь более разнообразной и яркой, чтобы в ней одно и то же слово не повторялось по несколько раз.

Чтобы сдать на высокий балл сочинение по ЕГЭ, IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, CPE, очень важно показать свой лексический багаж, синонимическое разнообразие, использовать high-level vocabulary, т.е. академические слова (Academic Vocabulary), идиомы уровня Advanced (Idioms), словосочетания уровня Advanced (Collocations).

Список самых распространенных синонимов, без которых не обойдется ни одно хорошее эссе на  английском языке.

synonyms / синонимы
synonyms / синонимы

teenagers young people, the youth |juːθ|, adolescents |ˌædəˈlesnts|, boys and girls
people a person, an individual |ɪndɪˈvɪdʒʊ(ə)l|, a human/humans, a human being – человек, the mankind |mænˈkaɪnd|, the humanity |hjʊˈmanɪti|, our society |səˈsʌɪɪti|
very really, especially |ɪˈspɛʃ(ə)li|, perfectly |ˈpəːfɪk(t)li|, greatly |ˈɡreɪtli|
waste of time lose time, do not use time sensibly
free time leisure time, spare time, pastime
important significant, necessary, essential, vital, main, crucial, key
country state, land
experience skills, knowledge of life
improve make better, become better, get better
convenient useful, (comfortable)
community neighbourhood, area, district
health good condition
healthy be fit, in good condition, in good health, be not ill
fast food junk food, unhealthy food, ready-made food, easy to cook
home place where you live, flat, house, residence
benefits advantages, profit
disadvantage drawback
clothes things you wear, dress
unacceptable wrong, bad
CAN be able to, possible
HAVE own, possess, belong to, be the property of
possible viable, realizable |ˈriːəlʌɪzəbl|, achievable |əˈtʃiːvəb(ə)l|, attainable |əˈteɪnəbl|, workable |ˈwəːkəb(ə)l|, probable |ˈprɒbəb(ə)l|,potential |pə(ʊ)ˈtɛnʃ(ə)l|
work (career path) career, profession (a way of making career)
way method
thing idea, point (идея, мысль) / object, item (предмет) / possession, valuables (ценныевещи, имущество)
responsible in charge of
hobby interest, pastime
good well, great
environment ecosystem, habitat
tourist traveller, holidaymaker, visitor
journey trip, excursion, tour, voyage (морское)
wear dress, have smth on, be dressed in
resident citizen
collect bring together
the Internet world Wide Web, the Web, the Net, online, virtual
money income cash, salary, wages, earn, pay, money
jealousy (ревностный, завистливый) envy (завидовать), envious (завистливый)
love affection for
happy pleased, joyful, delighted, glad
education studying, process of learning and teaching
effective work well, successful, thriving, promising
school leavers graduates
compulsory obligatory, mandatory
optional voluntary, not compulsory, not obligatory
problem issue, trouble
athlete sportsman
extreme sports risky, dangerous, unsafe
exercise train, do sports
gym sports centre, health club, fitness club
library a place where books are stored
graffiti paintings / pictures on the wall
e-books (electronic books) e-reader
disappear vanish, go away, become extinct (animals)
Artificial (искусственный) unreal, contrived
cell phone smartphone, mobile phone
technology machine, equipment
boring dull, monotonous
worker employee, a member of staff
accomplish succeed in, fulfill
successful effective, well
find a job get a job, have a job
read find out smth
find look for
recycle reuse
rubbish litter, garbage, waste
small shops local shops
landfill (мусорка) dump (свалка)
interesting fascinating, gripping, exciting, thrilling, enjoyable
shop department store, shopping mall / centre, market,

buy, purchase (глаголы)

popular well known, famous
watch TV spend time in front of TV
warn (предупреждение) alert, caution
stress worry, concern, anxiety
life lifestyle, way of life, daily life
overpopulation a lot of people, overcrowded
sibling a brother or a sister
bring up raise (воспитывать)
much plenty of, a great deal of …
many numerous, plenty of
fun enjoyable, enjoyment, entertainment, pleasure, great time
fashion brend
social nets social networking sites
fight stand up to, face smth
rich wealthy, prosperous
global worldwide
huge enormous, very big, extremely big / large
explore study
eventually with time
need require, demand (требовать)
attend a party visit a party
film movie
modern contemporary, the latest
communicate (communication) contact, get in touch, discuss (discussion, conversation)
ambitious determined (амбициозный, целеустремленный)
language tongue, dialect, accent, mother tongue, the first language
replace substitute
zoo wildlife park
animals species, living things, pets
influence effect smb, have an impact on …
independence freedom, being independent
people a person (he or she), the mankind, the humanity, our society
very really, especially, greatly, extremely
possible achievable, probable, potential
develop broaden (расширять), increase, make better
Make worse decrease (уменьшать), deteriorate (ухудшаться), worsen

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