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St. Valentine’s Day / День Святого Валентина
St. Valentine’s Day / День Святого Валентина

St. или Saint [seɪnt] – святой
international [ɪntəˈnæſən(ə)l] – международный
among people of all ages – среди людей всех возрастов
patron [ˈpeɪtrən] – покровитель
sweetheart [swiːtˈhɑːt] – возлюбленная(-ый)
anniversary [ænɪˈvəːsərɪ] – юбилей
death [deθ] – смерть
priest [priːst] – священник
to behead [bɪˈhed] – обезглавлен
miracle [ˈmɪrək(ə)l] – чудо
execution [eksɪˈkjuːſ(ə)n] – выполнение
jail [dʒeɪl] – тюрьма
propose marriage [prəˈpəʊz ˈmærɪdʒ ] – предложить брак
trimming [trɪmɪ] – обрезки
candy [ˈkændɪ] – конфеты
host [həʊst] – хозяин

One of the international holidays is St. Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine’s Day comes on February 14. It is not a legal or a national holiday. Banks and offices are not closed, but it is a happy little festival for among people of all ages.

St. Valentine is the patron of sweethearts. February 14 is the anniversary of his death.

One of the legends says that Valentine was Christian priest who lived in the 3 century A.D. He was put into prison by roman authorities for his teachings and was beheaded on February 14. According to the legend he performed a miracle — he cured his jailer’s daughter of her blindness. Before the execution he wrote her a letter signed «From Your Valentine».

Another legend says that the same Valentine wrote to children and friends who loved him from the jail.

On this day many people make a declaration of love and propose marriage. And if they’ve already found their love, they just remind about it and make surprises or give presents to each other.

Flowers and candy are favourite presents / цветы и сладости самые любимые подарки
Flowers and candy are favourite presents / цветы и сладости самые любимые подарки

The main symbol of this holiday is valentine. It’s a small heart-shaped card.It is often coloured red, has red trimmings and pictures of hearts. It is put into the postbox of that person whom you like.

The day is the time to send little gifts to those you love. Flowers and candy are favourite presents which sweethearts send to each other. Valentine candy is packed in red heart-shaped boxes and sold for this one day.

It is a good day for parties, especially by young people. The hosts trim the hall with red and white paper hearts.

This holiday gives people happiness and joy. For sweethearts this holiday is another reason to show their love.

It is a very interesting holiday and many people like to celebrate it.


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