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April Fool’s Day / Первое апреля / День Дурака

silly – глупо
harmless – безвредно
jokes – шутки
a victim – потерпевшего
grown-up – взрослый

April Fool’s Day or all Fool’s Day is the first of April. It is a day for fun. The fun of the holiday is to play silly but harmless jokes on family members and friends. The victim of these jokes is called an April fool.

This holiday first appeared in France.when the French began to use the Gregorian calendar, some people continued to use the old calendar and to celebrate New Year’s Day in April 1.

Now it is a very popular holiday in many countries and April Fool’s jokes are played as by children as by grown-ups.

Топик на английском языке: April Fool’s Day / Первое апреля / День Дурака / История праздника Первое апреля


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