Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry

notice – уведомления
thrill – острые ощущения
suggestive – наводящий
to establishe – признать
to consiste – включает в себя
a composition – состав группы
the entire world – весь мир

Rock is the kind of music many young people listen to. In rock songs you can notice many important problems that thrill youth.

Rock music, sometimes also known as “rock and roll,” is a style of music that became popular in the 1950s in America and Europe. It is primarily based on older musical styles, such as the rhythm and blues music originated by African American performers such as Chuck Berry and Little Richard, with a heavy focus on guitar, drums, and powerful vocals.

One of the earliest and most famous performers in the early days of rock was Elvis Presley, who shocked the world with his suggestive dancing and powerful music. He became an instant phenomenon, and led the way for many other performers over the decades to come.

Another hugely successful and popular rock music group was the Beatles. The Beatles were a legendary English rock band, which was established in 1959 in Liverpool. The group consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. This was not the original composition of the group but those whom the entire world knows as the Beatles!

The most popular songs of the Beatles are «Yesterday», «Let it be», «Yellow submarine», «Obladi-Oblada», «Girl», «Come Together», «Hey, Jude!».

Rock music as any other music help people to relax and have rest and feel themself a harmonious individual. It is better to listen to rock music when alone, for no one hinders you to hear the beauty of its sound. People believe that music a person listens to may say much about a person, his character, up-bringing and outlook. Many young people can’t live without listening to rock music, because it makes their life brighter and more interesting.

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