? Устная часть ОГЭ английский язык: задание 3 (примерные ответы)

Предлагаем подборку задания 3 устной части ОГЭ английского языка, которые представлены в ФИПИ. Рекомендации и пути прохождение задания 3 можно прочитать в статье «Описание картинки — задание 3 устной части ОГЭ по английскому языку». Темы постепенно будут пополнятся. поэтому следим за темой!


  • Nowadays we can enjoy a great variety of movies of different types.
  • However, not all of them appeal to modern teenagers. As far as teens’ preferences are concerned, they like …
  • As for me, I prefer watching films … because …
  • The most impressive film I’ve seen recently is …
  • So, I’ve enjoyed a lot of great movies, but I hope that the best ones are yet to be discovered.


  • Nowadays doing sports and keeping fit is as popular as never before.
  • Also, it is the only way to stay healthy in our world with bad ecology.
  • As far as my school is concerned, most students of our lyceum enjoy doing different kinds of sport.
  • We can attend various sports clubs, such as volleyball club, football club, hockey club and table tennis club.
  • I am proud to say that our teams often become winners of different competitions.
  • I believe that the best way to keep fit is to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
  • That’s why I go to the gym 3 times a week and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and drink 2 liters of water every day.
  • I feel great, and I recommend everybody to follow my advice.

You are going to give a talk about keeping fit.
-why a healthy lifestyle is more popular nowadays;
-what you do to keep fit;
-what sports activities are popular with teenagers in your region.

  • I would like to tell you a few words about healthy lifestyle.
  • I believe a healthy lifestyle has become more popular nowadays. First, people are more health-conscious thanks to mass media like TV or magazines. They promote healthy lifestyle by showing successful slim athletic people. There is also much information about healthy eating and keeping fit. Besides, people have more opportunities to live a healthy life now. We have more sport centres and devices to cook healthy food.
  • As for me, I don’t do much to keep fit. I just do morning exercises for 15 minutes every day, try to eat regularly small amounts of food 4 or 5 times a day and try to avoid eating sweet things.
  • As for sport activities popular with teenagers in our region, I believe they prefer athletics. There are many sport clubs where you can do athletics. Our local authorities also hold different athletics competitions quite regularly. Besides, fitness training is also popular among teenagers. Girls like attending non-equipment fitness group classes, boys prefer equipment-based workouts at a gym.
  • So, I believe healthy life style is popular nowadays thanks to mass media and greater opportunities we have.


You are going to give a talk about photography. You will have to start in 1.5 minutes and speak for not more than 2 minutes. Remember to say:
– why people like taking pictures
– why taking photos is more popular today than it was in the past
– what the best photo you have ever taken is

  • I would like to tell you a few words about photography.
  • I believe people like taking pictures because photos help them to remember and keep in their memory forever the most important, happy and beautiful moments they experience in their life.
  • To my mind, taking photos is more popular today as it has become much easier. We have got digital cameras that have simplified the whole process greatly. There is no film in digital cameras you have to develop. So, it saves money as there is no need to go to the photo lab and pay them to get the pictures. The moment you press the button, the photo is ready and you can see it. So, another plus is if the picture is not OK, you can re-take it.
  • The best photo I have ever taken is the photo I took while going up on a very high mountain in a special means of transport. We were high up above very tall trees. The view below was really breathtaking! And the photo was wonderful too!
  • As for me, I like taking pictures very much and always take my camera with me while travelling.


  • They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. I agree
    with this statement. Once you start travelling, you cannot stop as there’s nothing
    as exciting as discovering new places and seeing something unusual that
    doesn’t exist in your country. Also, travelling has become affordable for almost everyone,
    so more and more people visit different countries.
  • While travelling, people enjoy sunbathing, sightseeing, swimming, diving, attending
    theme parks.
  • You can experience new culture, try national dishes, and meet locals.
  • As for me, I’d really like to go to … because I’ve seen lots of travel videos and read/red/ some interesting information about this place, so now I want to see it in person.
  • Besides, I’ve heard that …
  • I hope I will go there one day.


  • All schools have their own rules and traditions, and my lyceum is not an exception. I love different unusual traditions of my school. For example, we have the Rainbow week during which students take part in various competitions and contests. You have to be creative and well-rounded to win these competitions.
  • Our extra-curricular events are very entertaining, but the educationalprocess is quite demanding. Friday is definitely the hardest weekday for me as I have 7 different lessons, and I need to prepare for each of them.
  • As for the things I’d like to change in my school life, I would be really happy if our classes started at 9 am. Unfortunately, I can hardly get up on time so I am often late. One more thing that bothers me is school uniform. We are sometimes told off for not wearing it, but in my opinion, uniform is not necessary.
  • All in all, I am happy with my school, and I believe I will get a high quality education here.

You are going to give a talk about your school.
– what your typical school day is like
– what your favourite subject is
– what you like most about your school

  • I would like to tell you a few words about my school. My typical school day usually starts at 8.30 am. We typically have 6 or 7 lessons a day. I usually have lunch after the fourth lesson. When all my lessons are over, I usually have one or two extra classes. We are getting ready to take our school-leaving exams.
  • My favourite school subject is English. Firstly because I think studying languages helps you improve your memory and makes your brain work better. Besides, I enjoy studying English. I like the way it sounds. I enjoy listening to songs and watching films in English.
  • There are a lot of things I like about my school. First, I really like my teachers. They are very understanding, helpful and are very good at explaining things. Besides. I like our school canteen. It is very comfortable, looks nice and the food is really tasty.
  • So, I am a lucky one as I really like my school and it is very important as we spend most of our day at school.

School homework

You are going to give a talk about your school homework
– how long it takes you to do your homework
– what subjects you usually start with and why
– whether schoolchildren should be given more or less homework and why

  • I would like to tell you a few words about my school homework. It always takes me a great deal of time to prepare for all my lessons: usually about 4 hours or even more. I have to spend much more time on my homework in the ninth grade because I am getting ready to take my school-leaving exams in four subjects and I pay special attention to these subjects.
  • I usually start doing my homework with humanities as they are most tiresome for me. You have to read so much and to remember plenty of information. It is very difficult for me as I don’t have very good memory. So, if I put them off till the end of the day I am too tired to do them.
  • In my opinion, schoolchildren nowadays are too busy at school. We have more subjects than our parents did, we get more homework. So, we almost don’t have any free time to relax, to hang out with friends, to do sports and to to enjoy our hobbies. As a result, many of us have poor health, get tired very quickly and become nervous. And this may lead to worse marks at school. That is why, I believe, schoolchildren should be given less homework.

Foregein Languages

  • Learning foreign languages has become very popular and fashionable today.
  • People study languages to broaden their horizons, get a chance to study or work abroad or visit different countries as tourists. Besides, learning languages can be a fascinating process in itself.
  • As far as I am concerned, I want to improve my English, and that’s why I think that taking an English exam is a good opportunity to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • To prepare for my exam I watched TV series and movies in English, read books and articles on the Internet, had conversations with native speakers and worked on pronunciation. I strongly believe that knowing a foreign language will open up lots of opportunities for me.


You are going to give a talk about books.
– whether reading is still popular with teenagers, and why, or why not
– what kind of books you like reading
– why many people prefer e-books to paper books

  • I would like to tell you a few words about what I think about books and reading. To my mind, reading is not so popular nowadays as it was a couple of decades before. There are several reasons for this. First, teenagers now have far more ways to entertain themselves. We have an opportunity to play computer games, listen to countless number of songs and watch any films we like on the Internet.
  • As for me, I like reading very much. My favourite kind of books is adventure stories. I like adventure stories because they make my monotonous life more exciting and interesting, give me an opportunity to travel around the world.
  • Most people nowadays prefer e-books to paper ones, as paper books cost more and occupy a lot of place in your home. Some really huge paper books are too heavy to be taken with you. As for the e-book, you can take it with you wherever you go.
  • So, in conclusion, despite the fact that reading is not so popular nowadays, it continues to remain one of my favourite pastimes.


  • Holidays are favorite time of the year for many people. In my country there are a lot of holidays, but the most popular one is New Year. This holiday is the best time to start something new and reunite with your relatives.
  • As for me, the best holiday is my birthday. On this day I feel on cloud nine because I get tons of attention as well as presents from my loved ones. I celebrate it with my family and close friends.
  • For me, it’s a great way to spend this special day.
  • For many people presents are the most exciting part of any holiday. Both giving and getting presents appeals to me because I love to look at joyful faces of the people I treasure.
  • I believe that our life would be boring without holidays as they help us to escape the monotony and everyday problems of life.

Wild Animal

  • My region is rich in many species of wild animals, such as squirrels, snakes, foxes, and different types of birds.
  • Unfortunately, there’s no zoo in Saratov region, so we have to go to another city to enjoy a day at the zoo.
  • People build zoos because they want to attract customers and set up a business.
  • Another reason is that some rare animals can be saved at zoos. Last but not least, zoos are a great form of entertainment.
  • I think that keeping wild animals as pets has more disadvantages than advantages.
  • Firstly, wild animals can be dangerous. Also, they need special conditions that
    we cannot provide. So, I wouldn’t recommend anybody to become an owner of a
    wild animal.


  • Nowadays keeping pets has become popular in many countries. People keep pets because they do not want to feel lonely. Also, learning how to look after a pet is very useful for children as it helps them to become responsible.
  • As far as big cities are concerned, such pets as cats and dogs are very popular. We know how to keep them, so it’s easy for everyone to take care of them.
  • I think that having pets is a big responsibility because we need to feed and wash them, walk dogs twice a day and take them to the vet if they get sick.
  • So, though there definitely are some inconveniences in keeping pets, I believe that having a pet brings a lot of joy.

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