Short English Poems about Wild Animals with Russian Translation / Короткие стихи о диких животных на английском языке с переводом на русский

wild animals / дикие животные
wild animals / дикие животные

Предлагаем подборки кортких и простых стихов на английском языке с переводом на русский о диких животных (wild animals). Стихи легко запоминаются и написаны простыми словами, подходят для детей любого возраста (дошкольного или школьного).

Короткие стихи о диких животных можно выучить играя в игрушки с ребёнком или если требуется написать для школы о любимом диком животном из зоопарка.

Примечание: Прочитать короткие и простые стихи на английском языке с переводом на русский о домашних животных.



The little green frog
Jumps on a log,
Takes off his cloak
And begins to croak!
Зелёный лягушонок
Прыгает на бревне,
Снимает свой плащ
И начинает храпеть.


The White Bear

The water in the sea is cold,
It is cold as ice,
But I am not afraid at all:
My coat is warm and nice.

Белый медведь

Вода в озере холодная,
Холодная как лёд,
Но я не боюсь всего этого:
Моя шубка тёплая и хорошая.


The Lion

My paws are big and strong,
My tail is very long,
My mane is fine and thick,
And I’m very big.



Yellow Lion

I see a big yellow lion
A big yellow lion!
What a big yellow lion!
What a lion! What a lion!


I’m a Lion

I’m a lion R-R-R
My name is Clide.
My jaws are big and wide.


I’m a Tiger

I’m a baby tiger,
My coat is smooth and nice,
It is of yellow color
With pretty narrow stripes.


Little Turtle

I’m a little turtle,
I crawl so slow,
And carry my house
Wherever I go.
When I get tired
I pull in my head,
My legs and my tail,
And go to bed!

Маленькая черепашка

Я маленькая черепашка,
Я ползаю так медлено,
И тащу свой домик
Куда бы не пошла.
Когда я устаю
Я прячу голову,
Мои ножки и хвостик,
И ложусь спать!


I have a little turtle…

I have a little turtle,
He lives in a box.
He swims in the water
And he climbs on the rocks.

У меня есть маленькая черепашка

У меня есть маленькая черепашка,
Он живет в коробке.
Он плавает в воде
И взбирается на камни.


Little Mouse

Where do you live little mouse?
Where do you live? In the Zoo?
In the Zoo? Oh, no.
Do you? Do you live in the Zoo?
I live in the house like you.



I think mice are very nice,
Their tails are long,
Their faces are small,
They haven’t any chins at all.
Their ears are pink,
Their teeth are white,
They run about the house at night.
They eat things They must not touch.
And no one seems to like them much.
But I think mice are very nice.


Little Grey Mouse

– Little grey mouse,
Where is your house?
– I can show you my flat
If you don’t tell the cat.My flat has no door
I live under the floor
I come out in the night
And go back when it’s light.



Today, when I was at the Zoo,
I watched the mother kangaroo.
Inside her skin she has a pocket.
She puts her baby there to rock it.


Сегодня, когда я был в зоопарке,
Я увидел маму конгуру.
Внутри своей кожи, у нее карман.
Она берёт своего малыш и засовывает туда.


A Little Squirrel

There was a little squirrel.
He ran up a tree.
When he turned around
He threw a nut at me.


Это была маленькая белочка.
Она прыгала по деревьям.
Когда поварачивается
То бросает орех в меня.



I know a bird
That cannot fly:
Penguin is its name.
It cannot fly,
But it can swim
With speed that wins it fame!I know a bird
That lives on ice
And waddles by the sea.
It looks so cute
In its black-and-white suit,
As handsome as can be!Meish Goldish



I said to crocodile:
“Will you play with me?”
“Oh,no,” – said Crocodile.
“oh, no,” – said he.
Here is my tooth-brush
And here is my cup so new.
I must brush my teeth.
I cannot play with you.



If you should meet a crocodile
Don’t take a stick and poke him;
Ignore the welcome in his smile,
Be careful not to stroke him.
For as he sleeps upon the Nile,
He thinner gets and thinner;
And whene’er you meet a crocodile
He’s ready for his dinner.Christine F Fletcher



I see a tiger in the jungle
and his eyes are shining bright.
I see a tiger in the jungle
and his teeth are big and white.
I see a tiger in the jungle
and he’s running fast and free.
I see a tiger in the jungle
and he is going to eat…
GULP!Joy Acey


I’m A Little Honeybee

I’m a little honeybee
Yellow and black
See me gather
Pollen on my back
What the queen bee tells me
I must do
So I can make sweet honey for you!


I’m a Little Zebra

I’m a little zebra,
White and black,
Big bushy mane
Riding down my back.
I like to gallop
And run and play
Out on the African plains all day.


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