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The problem of climate changing  / Проблема изменения климата
The problem of climate changing / Проблема изменения климата

Comment on the following statement:
Many people are sure that climate change is inevitable and we cannot change the situation. However, there is another opinion that our lifestyle can greatky influence the climate”.

The problem of climate changing is very important nowadays. For thousands of years people lived in harmony with the environment and it seemed to them that natural riches were unlimited. But with the development of civilization man’s interference in nature began to increase. Сhanging of climatic conditions is a very topical issue. Some people believe that there is no reason to worry and we cannot stop this process, whereas others believe in serious problems to be faced by humanity as a result of these changes.

The first thing that needs to be said is going on with the climate is really serious because it can lead to the global warming. Over the last century global temperatures could rise five to ten degrees by the middle of the next century. Large areas of coastal land would disappear. Secondly, many animals and plant species will not adapt to the new conditions and therefore their lives will be threatened. Finally, climate changing can be caused by the air pollution.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people who think that global changing is independent of humanity. People are only trying to make their life better and more comfortable.

In conclusion, I think that our lifestyle can greatly influence the climate. First of all we must to take care about our nature. But there is one question «what necessary actions do we need to take?». It’s very difficult to answer, but we must find the right solution.

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