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Good day, ladies and gentlemens!

We would like to present our presentation. The topic of our presentation today is «TV or not TV? That is a question».

Television is one of the greatest achievements of the 20-th century. It is the most popular part of mass media. Today every family has a TV-set. TV has changed much since the time of its invention and so has its role.

We’d like to draw your attention to the topics of our discussion:
In the first part of our presentation, we’ll speak about TV in our life.
After that we’ll talk about positive and negative effects of TV.
Finally we’ll talk you about our «What TV is for us?» and «What do we like to watch?».

TV in our life

Television now plays an important role in our life. Millions of people in their spare time watch TV. Everybody can find there something interesting for him.

It is common knowledge that television has become the most popular entertainment in our home life. Now fewer and fewer people go out in the evening, preferring to stay at home and enjoy themselves sitting in comfortable armchairs in front of TV-screens and watching either “live” TV or films on video.

Positive and Negative effects of TV

Although television, the most popular part of the mass media, plays a big role in every civilized society, there have been numerous debates concerning its advantages and disadvantages.

Supporters of television confirm that television is useful:
1. You can learn a lot.
2. You can get the news very fast.
3. You don’t have to buy tickets to the theatre or cinema.
4. You don’t have to go to the stadium to watch a sport match.
5. It is enjoyable way to relax.
6. It gives a lot of information about different events in the country and abroad.

The others actively argue against television. In their opinion
1. It takes a lot of time.
2. It is very harmful for our health, especially for your eyes.
3. It takes away time from sports and reading.
4. Television can make us passive.
5. It makes some people violent.
6. It is advertisement on TV. It can encourage us to buy things we don’t need at all.

However, only few people today can live without television. Despite of increasing influence of the Internet, video films and other high-technology sources of information television continues to play an important part in the human life.

Consequently if people do not like TV they do not buy it or switch it off.

What is TV for you?

By the way we decided to interview boys and girls our school and ask them own questions: “What is TV for you?”

And now have a look at the slide that illustrates their answers. (диаграмма)

Well, we’ve come to a conclusion that TV is an amazing and magnificent entertainment and we all are fond of TV.

What do we like to watch

Nowadays TV became so popular so that we can’t even live without the blue screens of our TV – sets and almost everybody has its own favourite TV – programs.

Some people prefer spending their free time watching entertainment TV programs while other viewers prefer educational and musical programs.
People can watch many really exciting programs: informational, musical, political, educational, sporting, for children and for adults. It’s enough difficult to say what programs are most interesting.

Our group has conducted the research. We interviewed 15 students and 15 teachers about their favorite genres. Please, look at this diagram. You see that tastes differ. Our teachers like documentaries and melodramas very much and don’t like horror films. And students on the contrary like horror films. Both teachers and students like comedies.

In conclusion, whether we realize it or not, TV plays a very important part in our lives.


It’s the main source of information and a cheap form of entertainment for millions of people. It’s the window on the world which gives us an opportunity to “travel” all over the world, to “meet” different people and learn about their customs and traditions. It has the power to educate and broaden our minds.

Thank you for your attention.

Защита проекта по английскому языку по теме “Телевидение: за и против” (TV or not TV)


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