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New Year / Новый год
New Year / Новый год

I have in a bag gifts
Caramel, chocolates
Round a fir-tree round dance
What during a holiday?
(New Year)

It’s blue by night, By day it’s white.
It is cold and not dry,
It falls from the sky.

What often falls and never gets hurt?

As beautiful as the setting sun,
As delicate as the morning dew;
An angel’s dusting from the stars
that can turn the Earth into
A frosted moon. What am I?

Fat and gay, on a winter day,
He came here with us to stay.
But day by day he grew and thined,
And so we brought his younger brother in.
(A calendar)

In what month do children talk the least?
(in February)

What man cannot live inside the house?

Higher than a house, higher than a tree – Oh, what can that be?
(The sky)

Until I am measured I am not known,
Yet how you miss me When I have flown.

My life can be measured in hours,
I live by being devoured.
Thin I am fast, Fat I am slow
The wind is always my foe.

Tool of thief, toy of queen.
Always used to be unseen.
Sign of joy, sign of sorrow.
Giving all likeness borrowed.

A precious stone, as clear as diamond.
Seek it out whilst the sun’s near the horizon.
Though you can walk on water with its power,
Try to keep it, and it’ll vanish ere an hour.

Neither on fire doesn’t burn, nor in water doesn’t sink.

Without hands, without feet, and is able to draw.

An arm points north, east, south, then west.
Ever in circles, never pausing to rest.
It passes its brother twenty three times,
As the sun passes by and the moon starts to climb.

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