season / время года
season / время года

This is the season when fruit is sweet,
This is the season when school-friends meet.

This is the season when vegetables grow,
I come to the garden and make water flow.

I come with cold and snow.
But you like me and know.

White the swan is hatching.

Lives — lies, will die — runs.

The weather is cold. Usually it snows.
The days are short and the nights are long.
You can see snow everywhere.
The rivers and lakes freeze and we can go skating and skiing.

The wind is blowing,
The snow is falling.
When all is white,
Short day and long night.

It is a very nice season.
The weather is fine, it is warm.
There are many green trees in the streets,
in the parks and in the yards.
Sometimes it rains, but as usual the sun shines brightly.
The birds return from the hot countries and make their nests.

Blue sky is seen,
The trees are green.
The world looks new and gay,
Because grey winter’s gone away.

It is hot or warm.
The days are long and the nights are short.
There are many green trees and nice flowers in the parks and in the squares.
The pupils don’t go to school, they have got their summer holidays.

The flowers are blooming,
The sun is shining.
The rains are few,
The sky is blue.

It is cool. The weather is changeable. It often rains.
The days become shorter and the nights become longer.
The birds prepare to fly to the South.
One can see yellow, red, brown leaves everywhere.
It is time for gathering harvest.

There’s mist in the garden,
The summer is over.
The trees are bare
And frost in the air.

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