nature / природа
nature / природа

Higher than a house,
Higher than a tree –
Oh, whatever can that be?
(The sky)

Many small bright peas scattered on a dark veil.
(The stars in the sky)

Who can shine at night
With such pretty silver light,
Looking through your windows grey?
Tell me, little kids, I pray.
(The Moon)

Two sisters are fair and bright, they always run, but never meet.
(The Moon and the Sun)

It makes trees shake.
It makes clouds run away.
It makes water frown.
It makes flowers bow.
(The wind)

I am asked to come,
I am waited for;
But I make you hide
When I knock at the door.

Little baby, tiny star,
How white and lace you are!
Fly off my hand for a second, please,
Now you melt and I will miss.
(A snowflake)

Without hands it can paint,
Without teeth it can bite.

It cannot be drowned in the water
And it is not burnt in the fire.
What is it?

In the morning beads are sparkled,
The whole country covered,
But go to look for them in the afternoon,
You will not found.

Ещё больше загадок различной тематике можно познакомиться в разделе “Загадки и викторины” на английском языке.

English Riddles (Poems) About Nature (Загадки о природе на английском языке)


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