Задание № 1. Лексика и грамматика

Пример: What is (его) ____ name? – What is his name?

1. I always go in the school (в) ____ 8.30 in the morning.
2. The book was (интереснее) ____ than the magazines she read at last week.
3. I have got (Анина) ____ car.
4. He (видел) ___ a lot of animals in the zoo.
5. My elder sister (умеет) ____ ride bike but I (не умею) ___.

Задание №2. Грамматика

Пример: cat has she the black – She has the black cat.

1. scate do you where?
2. his go grandma did to country the not.
3. summer mountains he last was the in?
4. best pupil the is he.
5. Is a big there window bedroom in my.

Задание №3. Грамматика (повышенный уровень)

Найди ошибку в предложение и перепиши его правильно.

1. There are no carpet in my room.
2. Do Ann do to Spain next summer?
3. Tom and Mary is our new classmates.
4. Do you went go to school last day?
5. Can you tell from English into Russian?

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