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Christmas Riddles / Рождественские загадки
Christmas Riddles / Рождественские загадки

1. What is white and made out of snow? (A snowman)

2. What is the end of Christmas? (The letter S)

3. Is it better to write a letter to Santa on the table or on the desk? (On the paper)

4. We dream about them all night before Xmas? (Presents)

5. We usually put them on, but once a year we hang them for the presents? (Stockings)

6. In what month do children talk least? (February)

7. Why can’t it rain two days without stopping? (night between them)

8. What is it that never was, never will be and yet is? (Today)

9. It is running night and day, but it never runs away? (A clock)

10. They stand next to each other and yet they cannot see each other? (Eyes)

11. What is it that a cat has but no other animal can have? (Kitten)

12. What is the difference between here and there? (The letter T)

13. A special Xmas song which is sung during Christmas time. (carol)

14. The unusual entrance through which Santa usually comes in (chimney)

15. Russian Santa Clause. (Father Frost)

16. Traditional Christmas dish. (pudding)

17. The place where the English children hang their stockings at night waiting for their presents (fireplace)

18. We decorate…with toys, glass balls, sweets, bells. (Christmas tree)

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