Month of the year / Месяца года
Month of the year / Месяца года

1 … bring the snow,
Makes out feet and fingers glow. (January)

2 … snows again
And sometimes it brings us rain. (February)

3 … brings sunny days and winds
So we know that spring begins. (March)

4 … brings the primrose sweet,
We see daisies at our feet. (April)

5 … brings flowers, joy and grass
And the holidays for us. (May)

6 … brings lilies and roses.
Fills the children`s hands with posies. (June)

7 Hot … brings apples and cherries
And a lot of other berries. (July)

8 … brings us golden corn,
Then the harvest home is borne. (August)

9 Warm … brings us school,
Days are shorter, nights are cool. (September)

10 Fresh … brings much fruit
Then to gather them is good. (October)

11 Red … brings us joy,
Fun for every girl and boy. (November)

12 Cold … brings us skating,
For the New Year we are waiting. (December)

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