Classical Music
Classical Music

chamber – камера
choral – хоровые
currently – в настоящее время
a waltze – вальс

Classical music is the art music produced in. Classical music means music produced in the Western world between 1750 and 1820. This music included opera, chamber music, choral pieces, and music a full orchestra.

Currently, scientists proved that listening to classical music has a beneficial effect on the physical and the moral state of a man. This music always makes you to have emotions or associations, as though reading a good book and, together with its heroes live among them. Classical music also enhances the memory of a man.

Classical music in its limited definition includes the works of Wolfgang Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Henry Percell′s wrote the first British classical opera Dido and Aeneas. Several bars from his song Lilliburlero are used by the BBC as a signature tune.

Benjamin Britten was a master of vocal music of all kinds. Britten started the Aldeburgh Festival.  Benjamin Britten began writing music as a child. Later he wrote deal of music for young people.

Also the famous waltzes of Frederic Chopin. These works give some sadness. Probably he was very sad because he could not come home at the end of his life.

Classical music may also refer to the native and folk music of any country. The styles vary greatly depending upon available instruments.

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