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Music in our life
Music in our life

listen to – слушать что-либо
everywhere – везде
breathtaking – захватывающая
catchy – заковыристая
scientist – ученый
to define – определить
to be reasponsible – быть ответственным
to confirm – подтверждать
soul – душа
nature – природа

Music is very important in our life. We can not live without music. People listen to music when they are happy or when they are unhappy. It helps them in their everyday life. Nowadays many people enjoy music as their hobby.

People listen to the music everywhere: at home, in the bus, in the street, in the shops, on television and over radio. They listen to music, they dance to music, they learn to play musical instruments.

There are so many kinds of music in our life. For example, rap and pop music, rock and alternative music, industrial and disco music, drum & bass and techno music, and, of course, classic music. Different people like different music.

Classical music is often associated with the music of the past. This style also includes music being written now, and we may speak of modern classical music.

Rap is a modern musical style where the singer speaks or shouts the words in time to music with a steady beat.

Pop music is breathtaking and full of energy. It is easily remembered. Pop music is the direction of modern music and kind of modern popular culture.

Dance music is catchy. People dance to music in the nightclub.

Rock music as any other music helps people to relax and have rest and feel himself a harmonious individual. It is better to listen to rock music when alone, for no one hinders you to hear the beauty of its sound.

The scientists say that they can define your character if they know what music you like. For example, they suppose that people who listen rock music are very clever and reasonable. British scientists confirm that the most of young people listen to the aggressive music as metal and rock. Scientists say that these people are good students, because of their character. Music shows people′s soul and nature.

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